Research and Development, Manufacturing, and Sales of Agricultural Machinery and Food Washing Machinery


Contribution activities to the society

We, Tiger Kawashima Co., Ltd. are an official sponsor for “Utsunomiya Blitzen” which is a Professional and community-based bicycle racing team.


Support for Triathlon held in our hometown

Every year May, over 400 people come to our hometown and participate a Triathlon named Yusuichi-Fureai Thiathlon, Gunma Prefecture Championship, Invitational University Triathlon, and National student Spring Triathlon Championship of Watarase.

Some people who participate in the Triathlon for the first time; aim a champion, and support the athletes give us great pleasure, impression and, vitality. Our company as a cooperative company supports and provides the Number clothes for the all participants who try to overcome the severity.


Global and Regional Environmental Conservation

Promotion of Greening office yard
We are trying to make our factory with full of greens by planting the grass next to the entrance to promote the greening.

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